We all have times when our self- confidence is low, in fact it’s one of the most common issues I work with. Some people suffer from low confidence and self- esteem in most aspects of life, others may be quite confident in some areas of life, but not in others.

These feelings can cause you to hide away from social or work situations, stop trying new activities and avoid things you find challenging. In the short term this might make you feel safer, but in the longer term your life can become much smaller and less satisfying.

Now for the good news-
Lack of self- confidence often relates to learned thinking and behaviour, this can also be unlearned.

Using hypnotherapy and/or talking therapies I aim to help you discover the unhelpful patterns and replace them with positive, helpful, confident ways of thinking and behaving.

I can also provide a wealth of practical tools, resources and exercises to help you build a solid foundation of confidence and self –esteem.

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