Other Problems

Other problems
Sleep problems
are very common, hypnotherapy can be very effective in changing this for good. Anxiety about exams, driving tests, dating, interviews, public speaking, work, leisure or sports performance can hold you back from giving your best and may even cause you to avoid certain situations. This limits your life and can stop you achieving your goals.

Instead, why not ask me about how hypnotherapy might help set you free…..to achieve your potential.

Just call or text Liz on 07415499156 or email [email protected]

Hypnotherapy, emotional freedom therapy and the talking therapies I offer can also help with:

Pain relief
Panic attacks
Alcohol or drug use
Irritable bowel syndrome
Habits e.g. nail biting and hair picking
Nervous tics
Teeth grinding
Relationship issues
Communication and social skills

And much more.

Just call or text Liz on 07415499156 or email [email protected]

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