Therapy Programmes

Therapy programmes

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  • Getting started -taster package for all programmes we start with a taster package of one double therapy session and a subsequent single session, usually about a week, later. This lets you start to experience the benefits of hypnotherapy and get comfortable with this relaxing, enjoyable process. You can then decide which of the therapy programmes you would prefer to opt for. Most consist of 5 sessions at a discounted cost, though additional sessions can be added as and when required.  If you prefer, after completing the taster package, you can just book and pay per individual session.
  • Calm for Good this programme is great for alleviating anxiety or stress and equips you with a range of skills and techniques to help you feel calm, confident and in control. I also introduce you to a toolkit of resources such as self hypnosis recordings, relaxation activities and much more.
  • Fear Free for Good this phobia and fear busting programme is very popular and can be life changing. Clients describe the relief and freedom they feel as something that once seemed terrifying often becomes no problem at all.
  • Sleep Well for Good this programme can include hypnotherapy and other relaxing mind techniques to transform the misery of insomnia into peaceful, relaxed, refreshing sleep every night.
  • Stop Smoking for Good this programme is designed to fully prepare you to successfully stop smoking and                      re- programme your mind as a non-smoker. This package comes with a bonus self-hypnosis recording and a free one year service guarantee. In the unlikely event that you require a booster session, this is completely free any time within a year from your first session. 
  • Slim for Good programme this personalised programme can include motivational coaching and hypnotherapy to help you understand the unconscious reasons behind emotional,  habitual or binge eating and re- programme your mind to meet these needs in new, healthier ways. It aims to change your relationship with food and/or activity, for good. It can also include a powerful new , research based mental imagery method that is having fantastic results.
  • Slim for Good: Time of Your Life this programme is specially designed for women aged 40 to 65 and addresses the conscious and unconscious effects of hormonal and life changes and creates a personalised, healthy weight loss package for you.
  • Virtual Gastric Band programme this can offer a safe, affordable alternative to gastric band surgery. It works extremely well for some people, especially those who have large portions of food. It can help you gain control over your eating and feel satisfied with smaller amounts. However it doesn’t suit everyone and other equally effective  options are available.
  • Individually tailored programmes for other problems hypnotherapy and other mind techniques can be very effective in resolving a wide range of issue including, pain relief, irritable bowel symptoms, habit change, tinnitus, public speaking, test or exam nerves and much more.

Executive or Premium package

A bespoke, fast-track package of  extended, in-depth sessions, designed for you. The Premium package also includes a suite of self-help resources for fast and effective change, together with a personalised self-hypnosis recording, unique to each client. The content of the programme and amount of sessions will be customised to enable you to achieve your goals as quickly and effectively as possible. For more information just call or text Liz on 07415499156 or email [email protected]


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