“Wow!  Awesome weight loss and feeling great! Thanks a million, the hypnosis and imagery really works. Looking forward to choosing an outfit for the wedding now.”

Mary, Nurse in Cumbernauld

Weight Loss

How long have you been trying to lose weight and keep it off? 
Maybe this is the first time, or perhaps you have tried diets, slimming clubs, gyms and more only to lose weight and put it back on. I know how this feels. I spent many years like a hamster on a wheel going round this cycle. Diets rarely work long term, you can feel deprived and constantly exerting willpower is exhausting. For most of us this can’t be sustained…..for life.

There is a better way to help with weight loss
At the time of writing this I have dropped two dress sizes easily, naturally and without stress using hypnotherapy and a new research-based method for successful weight loss called functional imagery. I am enjoying this new way of life.

Weight gain isn’t just about overeating or under exercising, there are often emotional and social reasons behind why we binge eat or feel addicted to chocolate or crisps. We might use it as a reward after a hard day’s work or as a comfort for feelings of stress, loneliness etc.. It might be due to boredom or habits ingrained since childhood. Cravings can also be powerfully emotionally charged. Diets and willpower alone don’t really address this, so no wonder they rarely last!

The power of your imagination and unconscious mind
I can help you use the power of your imagination and unconscious mind to turbo- boost your motivation for successful weight loss. You are unique, so I will work with you to create a personal weight loss therapy plan. This might include motivational coaching to help you understand the unconscious reasons behind emotional, habitual or binge eating and hypnosis to re-programme your mind to meet these needs in healthy ways. It might also include a new mental imagery method based on scientific research.

A powerful new research-based technique
Functional Imagery Training (FIT) uses mental imagery to strengthen motivation and confidence to achieve your goals. I am delighted to be one of a small number of therapists in the UK offering this approach.

It teaches a new way of thinking to keep you motivated as you achieve each step towards your goal. People using this method lost an average of five times more weight than those using talking therapy alone. Users have described it as a ‘mind-set shift’, where they exercised or ate healthily because they wanted to, rather than feeling they had to.

Weight loss success can continue even after therapy
FIT goes beyond other brief therapies by teaching you how to create and practice this positive mental imagery on yourself, effectively allowing you to become your own therapist.
This is not a quick fix or magic wand, but if you have had enough of the yo-yo weight or diet treadmill and are prepared to practice the techniques I will teach you, it can be very effective.

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