“Wow!  Awesome weight loss and feeling great! Thanks a million, the hypnosis and imagery really works. Looking forward to choosing an outfit for the wedding now.”

Mary, Nurse in Cumbernauld

Weight Loss

How long have you been trying to lose weight and keep it off? 
Maybe this is the first time, or perhaps you have tried diets, slimming clubs, gyms and more only to lose weight and put it back on. I know how this feels. I spent many years like a hamster on a wheel going round this cycle. Diets rarely work long term, you can feel deprived and constantly exerting willpower is exhausting. For most of us this can’t be sustained…..for life.

You can successfully lose weight using mind power instead of willpower. I have helped many clients (and myself) to lose substantial amounts of weight and keep it off using these methods. Clients often describe their success as life changing and say how great it feels to be slimmer, fitter and healthier without dieting or constantly thinking about food.  They are often astounded at how easy it was and how their new relationship with food or exercise has simply become an enjoyable part of normal life.

Slim for Good

One size doesn’t fit all, you are unique. Because I’m qualified and experienced in a wide range of effective techniques, I can create a personalised programme using the best methods for you. This might include motivational coaching to help you understand the unconscious reasons behind emotional, habitual or binge eating. It could include hypnotherapy to re-programme your mind to meet these needs in healthy ways.

Your personal Slim for Good programme can also include a powerful, new method called functional imagery. Based on scientific research from Plymouth University it’s getting great results. It uses mind power and mental imagery to boost your motivation and confidence to lose weight and keep it off. Research participants lost 5 times more weight than those in the control group and kept it off, or lost even more, after the study ended.

Users have described it as a ‘mind-set shift’, where they exercised or ate healthily because they wanted to, rather than feeling they had to. I am the currently the only therapist in Scotland qualified to offer this method and I am one of only two Advanced Practitioners in the world. You can read more about this method in my recent weight loss blog.

Your Slim for Good programme will be designed specifically for you.   As a bonus I include a free self-hypnosis or motivational audio recording for you to listen to at home.

Slim for Good: Time of your Life programme

Designed especially for women aged 40 to 65. This can be a time of your life when hormonal and other changes make it challenging to lose weight. This programme addresses the conscious and unconscious effects of hormonal and life changes and creates a personalised weight loss programme for you. As with the Slim for Good programme (above) it can also include motivational coaching, hypnotherapy and functional imagery to boost your motivation and confidence, improve your relationship with food and address any body image or emotional aspects.

Virtual Gastric Band Hypnotherapy

Hypnotic gastric band therapy can have very impressive results. Like the two sisters recently featured on TV’s This Morning programme who had lost over 5 stones each. The virtual gastric band package can offer a safe, affordable alternative to gastric band surgery. It works extremely well for some people, especially for those who have large portions of food at meal times.  Many clients who choose this approach say they find it completely life changing as it allows them to gain control over their eating and feel satisfied with much smaller amounts of food. You can read more about the Virtual (hypnotic) Gastric Band process here. Clients often begin to lose weight even after the initial session. However, it doesn’t suit everyone and there are other effective options available. I can help you find the solution that best meets your needs and preferences. 

I offer a free, no obligation phone consultation to find out more about what you want to achieve and to answer any questions you may have.

For more information or to start your weight loss journey just call or text Liz on 07415499156 for a supportive chat, or email [email protected]

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