Stop Smoking

Have you had enough? Are you ready to quit?
Many people who choose hypnotherapy to stop smoking have already tried other methods. These usually rely on willpower to handle cravings and fight impulses from the unconscious mind.

Harness the power of your unconscious mind
Hypnotherapy uses your powerful, creative, unconscious mind in a positive way instead , re- programming your thoughts, impulses and habits to enable you to become a non-smoker…for good.

Full package with bonus tools, leave as a non- smoker

This full package consists of personalised assessment and hypnotherapy sessions to prepare you to successfully stop smoking…for good. Then further sessions to re-frame your thoughts, feelings and habits to become and remain a non- smoker. It also includes a self-hypnosis recording to keep you on track and, as an extra bonus, the recording can help you relax and unwind naturally and easily.

For the very few people who need an extra boost I offer a free one year service guarantee, with the option to return for a booster session completely free of charge for a full year

I can also guide you to use a fantastic phone app (if you like) that shows exactly how long you have been a non-smoker, how much money you have saved and even the positive health effects you will already be experiencing.

Feel great as a non -smoker
Imagine how amazing you will feel, how good your food will taste, your sense of smell will improve, your health will benefit, you will also gain control and have far more money in your pocket.

If you really are ready and willing, this package could help you stop smoking for good.

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